Pilates School

Our Philosophy

The Pilates Studio of Gloria Gasperi was born as the first center of classical Pilates in Sarzana.

Our aim is to provide and transmit the principles of the discipline
respecting the original work developed by Joseph and Clara Pilates

Pilates gymnastics is a made ​​up of a system of movements performed in a precise sequence, rhythmically correlated with the breath, which thus has a direct effect on the well-being of mind and mood. It is designed to stretch, tone, strengthen and balance the body, going to work on the deep muscles, so-called postural, transforming and shaping your body, from inside to outside. Improves strength, flexibility, allows you to "feel" and know your body, restoring the ' balance mind-body-spirit , in harmony with themselves and the world around them.

The mind controls the body, but it is the body that teaches the mind through movement. 
The objective of the Pilates is cure through movement.

In a welcoming environment and with trained and certified, our Pilates Studio offers wellness strategies for your everyday life, with professionalism and radiance.

Well-Being for us means first that look good, feel good .....

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